Welcome to Afra Nest: Your Resource for Science and Education Developments Around the World

The world is at a crossroads.

Around the world, different countries are growing uneasy in the face of climate change concerns. There are clear calls for countries to cut back on emissions and to use more solar and wind.

However, the world still remains on pace for record emissions and irreversible climate change. The science is not the problem, nor is it the reason we haven’t moved to clean energy.

A combination of political headwinds, energy independence, and lack of finance are slowing the adoption of sustainable energy. This is forcing countries to look for more solutions in the meantime. One such solution, is the use of nuclear energy.

This website explores the news and developments around science and technology around the world. One such inspiration for this website is the African Network for Education Science and Technology, now folded into the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency).

Together, we will advance education and awareness to nuclear science and technology, among a host of other energy and science related topics. Together, through education, let’s build a smarter and more sustainable future. Stay tuned for more.